Referred Articles (Published and Accepted)

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Utkarsh J. Dang and G. Brian Golding (2015). markophylo: Markov Chain Models for Phylogenetic Trees. Package. Vignette

Referred Articles (Submitted and in preparation)

  • Tawalbeh, S. M., Marin, W., Morgan, G. A., Dang, U.J., Hathout, Y, and Pachman, L. M.. Novel Serum Protein Biomarkers for Juvenile Dermatomyositis: A Pilot Study.
  • Dang, U.J., Gallaugher, M.P.B., Browne, R.P., and McNicholas, P.D. ‘Model-based clustering and classification using mixtures of multivariate skewed power exponential distributions’.
  • Dang, U.J., Clemens, P.R., Hathout, Y, Conklin, L, and Hoffman, E.P. Serum biomarkers associated with baseline clinical severity in young steroid-naive Duchenne muscular dystrophy boys.
  • Dang, U.J. and Golding, G.B. ‘Tracing a history of pseudogenization’.

Non-refereed contributions

Dang, U. J. (2014). Mixtures of Power Exponential Distributions and Topics in Regression-based Mixture Models. University of Guelph.

Dang, U. J. (2011). Interactions Between Immunization Strategies and Pandemic Influenza Associated Severe Outcomes. University of Guelph.

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